Castle Keep Retirement

On this episode of The Kawartha Small Business Podcast, Brian is joined by Graham Bashford of Castle Keep Retirement in Lindsay Ontario.


Graham and Brian first met at a Kawartha Young Professionals event right around the time Graham started Castle Keep. Brian has followed the development of Castle Keep with keen interest.


Castle Keep epitomizes so many business fundamentals and experiences of the entrepreneur in a small town. To give you some examples, to get where the business is today, Graham had to:


  • Identify a need in the community
  • Connect that need to demographic trends
  • Develop a business model that met that need and was unique
  • Continually adapt that business model to meet the real needs of the market
  • Create a company culture focused on the client
  • Attract and retain a team that fit into that culture
  • Consistently maintain that culture
  • Communicate what they do with potential customers
  • Provide top notch service at an affordable price
  • Work really really hard


Serving a community where their services are going to be more and more in demand, Graham and the Castle Keep team is poised for continued growth. It will be exciting to see their success for years to come.


Check them out at


Special thank you to Shannon Peters-Bain for the music, and to Peterborough Independent Podcasters for both teaching me how to podcast and making the infrastructure available to be able to produce this podcast.


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