Cookie Dough in the Dark

Brian is joined by Tanya Willis at her beautiful home just outside Bobcaygeon to discuss her new book Cookie Dough in the Dark, being a health, fitness and wellness entrepreneur, and the importance of healthy living in your professional career.


Tanya is a wife, mum, and serial health, fitness and wellness entrepreneur. Tanya discusses how she left her job in finance to focus on inspiring people to live better. She has done everything from teaching first aid and CPR, to personal training, nutrition consultation, and personal coaching. She has inspired countless people to take control of their health and live healthy, vibrant lives.


In her book, Cookie Dough in the Dark, Tanya depicts her journey with sugar addiction in a very raw manner. By sharing her story, she leads the reader to recognize in themselves what must change in order for them to fully reach their potential.


Becoming more healthy has coincided with being a better entrepreneur, and this book is a must read for anyone who wants help getting at the core of what is bothering them in order to take the necessary steps to thrive in life and business.


You can learn more about Tanya at as well as order your copy of her new book.


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